Executive Director position, Fighting Back Partnership in Vallejo

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Executive Director position, Fighting Back Partnership in Vallejo

Job Description

The Organization:
Fighting Back Partnership (FBP) is a twenty-two year-old, nationally recognized substance abuse prevention coalition, which serves as the catalyst and facilitator for the creation of a healthier and safer community.  Since 1990, FBP has built diverse partnerships, involving residents, businesses and government working together to improve neighborhoods, strengthen families and support youth development.  FBP and its community partners have been able to effectively mobilize the resources to serve as a vehicle for community building and community problem solving.  

The Program:
FBP has multiple funding streams being funded by grants from both public and private sources. In addition the organization has a proactive corporate and private fundraising campaign.

The Agency’s three initiatives focus on:
        Strengthening Families through the implementation of Family Resource Centers
        Youth Leadership and Development Programs
        Community Development through Neighborhood Revitalization Strategies
Since 1990 FBP has worked in collaboration with local organizations and residents to strategically implement a variety of public awareness, prevention, media advocacy and policy initiatives

The successful candidate for Executive Director must have:
• A minimum of five years experience in leadership, staff supervision, and non-profit management of mid-size or large organizations
• Experience working with city, county, State and Federal governments
• Strong background in working collaboratively on systems improvement initiatives related to environmental strategies, substance abuse prevention, and community development best practices
• Demonstrated commitment to outcome-based programming
• Familiarity with evidence-based substance abuse and alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention models serving diverse populations
• Strong background in  non profit fiscal management, including budgeting, grant writing, grants management , and accrual accounting
• Proven experience in a wide range of fundraising strategies; experience in developing and managing fundraising programs and cultivating donors.  
• Experience supervising and managing administrative and program staff
• Ability to foster a productive and positive organizational culture and build community with staff and volunteers
Demonstrated ability to work with and facilitate Board of Directors and partner organizations including but not limited to non-profits, government agencies and private foundation
• Strong reasoning and problem solving skills coupled with sound judgment
• Minimum B.A. degree
• Experience working in diverse communities
• Strong written and oral communication skills
• Strong computer skills

Duties and Responsibilities:
Management and Operations:
• Hires, supports and supervises Director level staff and works closely with staff leadership team
• Oversight of daily operations of the agency and maintenance of all corporate records
• Develops and manages all financial operations, maintenance of sound financial systems
• Develops and  manages organizational budget and oversee preparation of financial reports and preparation of annual budget
• Works with Board to keep them informed on the status of the organization and important factors influencing it and develops board
• Effectively involves Board in organizations governance, support, program work and fundraising
• Work with staff and finance staff and board in overseeing funds, operational systems and infrastructure
• Personnel Management including administration of personnel policies and day-to-day supervision of program managers and administrative staff
• Responsible for the recruitment, employment, evaluation of personnel in accordance with established personnel policies and procedures

Development and Outreach:
• Designs and implements a fund development strategy and plan
• Establishes and maintains working relationships with funders such as Interfacing with City of Vallejo staff and elected officials in Solano County as well as state and Federal Agencies, School District.  Foster the establishment of sound working relationships and cooperative agreements with outside organizations
• Lead Directors and Board to raise funds to meet annual and long term revenue goals.  Identify potential sources and manage strategic relationships with funders
• Manage grants and contracts including grant writing and review subcontract management and execution.  Responsible for subcontract management and oversight of subcontracting procedures
• Resource development including ensuring overall financial health of the agency and developing sustainability plan to ensure long-term viability
• Primary responsibility for ensuring reporting the results of the program implementation to the community.
• Represents the interests of the organization with partners, decision-makers and advances and maintains the reputation of the organization in the fields of family basic needs, community organizing, youth development, neighborhood revitalization, leadership development; environmental prevention strategies.

This position offers an annual salary commensurate with experience.  In addition it offers a competitive benefit package including holiday, vacation, and sick pay.

Fighting Back Partnership is an equal opportunity employer.
Please send your resume along with three (3) references to (jobs@fight-back.org) or mail it to Fighting Back Partnership attention Rosemary Thurston, President of Board, 505 Santa Clara Street, Third Floor, Vallejo, CA  94590
Allyson West, Executive Director California Reentry Program P.O. Box 483 San Quentin, CA 94964 www.ca-reentry.org 415-599-6586