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Great Bay Area Event September 27

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Support From Outside the Walls #2 - Supporting People in California
Prisons to Address and Appeal Grievances
Saturday, September 27: 10:50am - 12:30pm
Golden Gate University,  536 Mission St, San Francisco, California 94105

People in prison are often required to exhaust internal, administrative
complaint processes before they can take a case to court. In California,
non-lawyers and lawyers can be a huge help to people with their
complaints against the prison system. Learn how to assist California
inmates with their administrative appeals in this session led by Sajad
Shakoor of the Tayba Foundation.

Please RSVP & complete this poll so we can customize the training and
connect you with projects
Materials from last training and this training are here

Second in the training series. (1st @ NLG Far West Regional in June, 2nd
@ NLG's Progressive Law Day). The schedule other activities at PLD is

This training will focus on practical skills development for activists,
legal workers, and lawyers to understand the nitty gritty methods and
best practices for "Supporting People in California Prisons to Address
and Appeal Grievances."

Trainer Bios
-The NLGSF Chapter's Committee on Police & Prisons members Jared Rudolph
and Carlos Villarreal are coordinating the training. The committee
exists to challenge oppressive practices, policies and laws of law
enforcement, prisons and jails used against communities of color,
prisoners, and others. It does so by supporting community activists and
building member capacity to support and be a part of movements for human
rights and civil liberties.

Panelists: Sajad Shakoor
Originally from Pakistan, Sajad suffered constant teasing and bullying
upon immigration. This led him to pick up a gun and join a gang, which
led to his “three strikes” sentence. While in prison he began a revival
of his faith, started and managed groups and curriculum, and earned a
BS. Sajad helped bring attention to the disproportionate sentencing
under the “Three Strikes Law,” and subsequently gained his freedom under
Proposition 36 in 2013. He is currently pursuing a PHd and working
full-time teaching Muslim prisoners by correspondence.

Allyson West, Executive Director California Reentry Program P.O. Box 483 San Quentin, CA 94964 415-599-6586