JOB with California Reentry Program!

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JOB with California Reentry Program!

Administrative Program Manager - 50% time

Maintain volunteer recruitment websites (, etc.)
Submit gate clearances, brown cards; track expiration dates
Maintain database of all volunteers, gate clearances, resumes, contact information
Coordinate carpooling
Respond to emails from volunteers asking questions
Print out materials for clients sent by volunteers who cannot attend advising and bring to SQ

Maintain filing cabinets of resources for California counties programs and services (copying, ordering, filing)
Maintain library of materials for distribution of materials to clients (re: health, education, services, DMV)
Weebly group – posts and storage of resources for all CA counties

Respond to emails from families and friends of incarcerated seeking assistance; send resources.

Dressouts: collect, organize, get requests, scan, post to Google dressout group

Workshops: gather and maintain presenters’ gate clearances; attend workshops and perform outcount; recruit workshop presenters

County resource fairs: identify and invite service providers; collect and submit gate clearance information; escort guests to workshop; collect resources from guests and add to resources for the program

Make purchases, track receipts
Accept donations, write thank you notes, track in database
Read mails and emails from providers such as NIAC, CAN, State Fund, IRS

Create, print and distribute bi-yearly newsletter
Create, print and distribute holiday letter
Thank new Facebook member, write weekly updates
Work with individuals and organizations who contact us for information: press, researchers, programs, students.

Collect intake questionnaires on all closed client cases
Collect attendance sheets from all volunteers
Track attendance, services rendered, demographics, and programmatic difficulties via MS Access

This is a 50% time position and offers health benefits. Salary is $25,000 per year for half time. Work hours are flexible and often will include at least one evening per week. EOE. Must pass background check at San Quentin State Prison.

To apply please email your resume and cover letter to
Allyson West, Executive Director California Reentry Program P.O. Box 483 San Quentin, CA 94964 415-599-6586