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SF Homeless Outreach Team position: Specialist II


Specialist II

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Location CAN016 - San Francisco, CA

Program Name SFHOT Program

Full-Time/Part-Time Full-Time

Salary Range

Open Date 7/24/2014

Travel Requirement


The San Francisco Homeless Outreach Team (SFHOT) works collaboratively in small teams to engage and stabilize chronically homeless individuals and to help establish care for chronic conditions and find permanent housing.  The Specialist II is a member of a multidisciplinary team which may include a Specialist I, Social Worker, Nurse Practitioner, Primary Care Physician, Psychiatrist, Housing and Financial Administrators, Vocational and Recreation Counselors.  The Specialist II is a member of a team of Engagement and/or Care Management who works collaboratively to engage, stabilize and house vulnerable and chronically homeless individuals. The Specialist II may be responsible for locating, evaluating, engaging, counseling, transporting and referring individuals to appropriate services. The Specialist II differs from a Specialist I by demonstrating a higher level of engagement and support skills, more knowledge of resources and linkages, greater ability to manage complex care needs, more experience meeting documentation requirements and ability to interface directly with Leaders in the City and community.  Specialist II assignments require ability and willingness to work in either Engagement or Care Management.  SFHOT operates 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.  Work schedules are on shifts set by Management.



Conduct outreach throughout the Central City and outlying neighborhoods for the purpose of engaging homeless individuals into services.
Respond promptly to requests from city agencies (the Mayor’s Office , Board of Supervisors, SFPD, SFFD,) and merchants, community groups, and citizens to help individuals found at-risk in the streets.
Check the welfare of all encountered individuals lying on the street.
Provide targeted outreach to High Users of Multiple Systems (HUMS) who frequent emergency services but are not connected to stabilizing care.
Work as members of, or in close collaboration with, the Street Medicine Team, working with medical staff to engage homeless individuals. Functions may include collection of basic personal and demographic data, registration in electronic systems, pick-up and delivery of supplies and equipment, including pharmaceutical supplies, laboratory tests and mail, taking vital signs, processing medical charts and folders, both electronic and paper, and assisting with health education and instruction in preventative health issues following established protocols.
Administer initial screening tools and document concerns and disabilities regarding lack of housing, financial support, medical and mental health and any substance use.
Provide hope, encouragement and supportive therapeutic counseling and crisis intervention to clients in need.
Work as members of, or in close collaboration with, the Care Management Team, to establish and maintain a minimum caseload of 20 clients that present with more complex medical and/or behavioral issues and regularly follow their care from initial care plans through referrals and linkages and into permanent housing.
Additional duties may be performed by those with special certifications and licenses such as, phlebotomy, therapeutic and diagnostic injections (under appropriate supervision), basic wound care and dressing changes, accompanying clients to specialist consultations.
Become an advocate as appropriate for scarce resources that help stabilize clients.
Serve as liaison between the professional staff and community. Maintain professional and positive relationships with other service providers, community groups, and the neighborhood. May represent the SF Homeless Outreach Team on Task Forces, Workgroups or other neighborhood groups.
Confer with team to develop engagement strategies and match new clients to the appropriate case management staff.
Use assigned communication devices to appropriately and professionally communicate with team members and other service providers.
Use web-based technologies for information look up and entering notes in a timely manner.
Maintain daily logs of client contacts and disposition using available technology.
Document clinical progress and Treatment/Coordinated Care Plans in an electronic health record in a format that can be used to bill for services provided.
Assist with orientation and training of new staff and interns.
Adhere to the Code of Conduct and established policies and procedures.
Attend training and meetings as required.
 Other duties as assigned.

Position Requirements

BA/BS degree from an accredited 4-year College or University in Social Work, Psychology, Counseling, or a related field plus intern or 1 year prior experience with homeless, behavioral health or medically complex populations; OR BA/BS degree in process from an accredited College or University in Social Work, Psychology, Counseling or related field  with 3 years direct experience working in a professional capacity with homeless, behavioral health or medically complex populations; OR completion of an EMT-P (Emergency Technician/Paramedic) Training Program; OR completion of a U.S. Military Corpsman Training Program or Possession or be licensed/qualify for licensing as a Psychiatric Technician with 3 years direct experience working in a professional capacity with homeless, behavioral health or medically complex populations; OR AA/AS degree in Human Services, Psychology, Counseling or a related field plus 5 years direct experience working in a professional capacity with homeless or behavioral health or medically complex populations;  OR Specialty Certificate related to the populations served (e.g., Community Health Worker, Medical Assistant, Drug and Alcohol/CADAC, Peer Counselor) plus 5 years direct experience working in a professional capacity with homeless or behavioral health or medically complex populations.
Valid California driver’s license and no history of major moving violations, including DUIs, during the past 5 years.
Knowledge of the client population and their complex needs including homelessness, financial instability, medical and psychiatric illnesses, and substance abuse.
Ability to work well with diverse staff and clientele including cultural, language, sexual identity, gender and other diversity considerations within all neighborhoods in San Francisco.
Ability to work successfully both independently and cooperatively.
Ability to speak, read and write clearly in English.
Professional level competency using Internet, email, and Microsoft Word computer applications.
Ability to use computers/internet to look up information and enter relevant notes.
CPR and first aid certification within 90 days of hire.


Bilingual, bicultural in Spanish or Cantonese/Mandarin.
Previous experience or training in street outreach and case management.
Knowledge of San Francisco neighborhoods and community resources.
Knowledge of the San Francisco emergency provider network.
Prior experience with documentation and billing procedures.

Physical Requirements:

Must be in good physical condition and capable of performing job duties requiring frequent use of the entire body including ability to stand, walk, climb stairs, sit, drive for extended periods of time, exit and enter vehicles throughout an 8 hour work shift.
Ability to use a computer, phone or office equipment for extended periods of time.
Ability to successfully and efficiently complete tasks in an environment where background noise is present and interruptions may be constant.
Must be able to lift a minimum of 10 lbs.
With instruction, the ability to assist persons with disabilities and to help transfer a 180 lb person and lift wheel chair in and out of a car or van.
Allyson West, Executive Director California Reentry Program P.O. Box 483 San Quentin, CA 94964 www.ca-reentry.org 415-599-6586