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UC Counselors and Advisers Bulletin

Sign up if you're interested in focusing on our clients' educational needs! Here's a list of the topics covered in the April bulletin:

Subject: Counselors & Advisers Bulletin April 2012

This UC Counselors and Advisers Bulletin addresses the following topics:
• Ensuring Transfer Success
• CollegeWeekLive – California Colleges Day
• Admissions Data
• UC Curriculum Integration (UCCI) Institute
• Assembly Bill 131
• UC Counselor Conferences
• CSU-UC Joint Counselor Conference

To sign up I think you can just send an email to: CAB-L@LISTSERV.UCOP.EDU
Allyson West, Executive Director California Reentry Program P.O. Box 483 San Quentin, CA 94964 www.ca-reentry.org 415-599-6586